Care & Maintenance

Our Botanical Keepsakes appear most beautiful indoors under natural lighting but away from direct sunlight as with any flowers, this tends to strip away the colours overtime. If kept away from direct sunlight, it will last as long as 4 years or more!

We also recommend wiping the bottles down with a bamboo or microfibre cloth from time to time to prevent dust collecting on the surface of the glass bottle. The lid has been sealed for your protection so please, do not force open the lid as this will reduce the flowers useful life as air and bacteria would enter.

If you would like ideas on where to place the botanical bottles in your home or office, check out our Instagram page for inspiration or go to our “Inspirations” for some ideas on how to display these beauties!

Choose any spot in your home or office out of direct sunlight! Here are the most common places that our customers like to place them:

  • Brighten up the bathroom, kitchen & any window sills (shadey area)
  • Place it at your work desk to give your eyes a rest break from time to time
  • At the bedside table so you can wake up and glance at it’s beauty
  • On the dresser to enjoy while doing your skin routine & make up
  • Next to your pot plants to complement them!

Check out our “Inspiration” page for more!

Botanical Bottles are made to last a minimum of 2 years, however if care is taken, it will last well over 4 years.


Once your order is placed. We take 1 -2 days to craft your goods and prepare them for shipment.

Domestic orders take an average of 3 – 7 business days for regular post and 2 business days for express post.

Please do allow extra time if the delivery address is located outside of metro and suburban areas.

For International shipping information please go to our “Shipping Policy


If you are a business and would like to become an En Flor stockist, please email us directly with your Business Name, ABN & Email Address and we will send a wholesale price list to you.

For a one-off special order request for occassions such as corporate events or weddings, we can also offer you a discounted rate for a minimum of 10 items. Get in touch with us via “Contact Us” and state “Special Order Request”  and we’ll email you a promo code to use at checkout for 15% off the whole order.

Payments & Refunds

If you change your mind or if the product is faulty. Please go to “Returns & Refunds Policy” for more information.

If you have any issues with your existing order, please get in touch with us using the form located on the “contact us” page and we will respond within 1-2 business days.


The Botanical Keepsake is a Japanese home decor product which is rapidly growing with popularity. These beautiful ornaments are individually handcrafted by firstly preserving the flowers, ferns or leaves. From here we pick out the finest and flawless cuts to bottle them in a special oil which maximises it’s preservation. The flowers are encapsulated in a unique Japanese glass bottle which is designed to magnify the blooms making them visually stunning.

The liquid we use is mineral oil, also referred to as silicone oil. The purpose of the oil is to help preserve the flowers form and keep them afloat in the bottle. This minimises movement and therefore reduces any damage to the flower. Don’t be alarmed if a slight but of oil comes in contact with the skin as it not harmful. The same ingredient is also used in most cosmetic products.

We currenlty have two sizes.

The Regular size:

45mm in diameter, 213.5 mm in height and has a net weight of 270g

The Mini size:

45mmin diameter, 170 mm in height and has a net weight of 220g


Botanical Keepsakes are made for home decoration. Please ensure it is kept out of reach from young children and pets for safety reasons.

Our Botanical Keepsakes are made from a wide array of flowers and plants native to Australia and across the globe, whether it’s flowers, ferns, grass and even leaves. To see the full range, browse through our “Shop Page“. We are constantly developing our range with new styles so stay in the loop and follow us via our IG @enflor.shop.

Our products are individually handcrafted by our team here in Sydney, Australia. We use Japanese techniques to select and handcraft each and every dried bloom. The arrangements are then suspended in traditional magnifying bottles filled with color-preserving mineral oil. It is carefully positioned into the bottle with precision to ensure delicate particles of the flower stay intact. The result is a free-floating work of art that enchants flower enthusiasts and helps colourise any living space. We also support our local small businesses by sourcing 80% of our supplies here in Australia.


Yes we ship globally! Go to “Shipping Policy” to see countries we ship to and shipping charges

Domestic delivery is $10.50 per bottle and $2.50 per additional bottle. If you order $135 or more, shipping is on us!

Express Shipping is $14.50 per bottle and $2.50 for each additional bottle.

For international shipping prices please go to “Shipping Policy” for a detailed list of countries we ship to.